23 October 2011

Am I Old Fashioned?

{I like to think of myself as a hip chica, but this weekend a bit of grandmother like tendencies begin to sneak in my thoughts.  The thought being, "Why are women still wearing skirts or dresses without tights or hose?  It is the middle of October!"  I know, I know, it has not been the coolest month yet and I do live in the south.

BUT, a little bit of me cringes when I see girls walking around in short dresses with no tights/hose.  Maybe it's because Kate has been seen wearing pantyhose on multiple occasions, maybe it's because I have Cullen-esque white skin, or maybe, just maybe it is the simple fact that I love tights/hose/leggings because I grew up dancing and wearing them all the time.  So, if you are like me, and love tights - be sure to check out Hue, an amazing brand.  I also love the leggings made by LOFT.  

 And if by chance you are ever have a Marilyn Monroe moment like Kate, you will be glad that you had on a pair of tights.  However, if I had her body I would move to the Windy City and wear tights and that dress everyday.

Life really is not fair - she becomes a Royal and has not a trace of cellulite?!?!
*Please note that no way does cringing mean judging, I merely am just aging and like to talk about products I can't live without.*}

{photos via pinterest}


  1. I completely agree! I have to wear tights the minute it gets cold out. It covers up the fact that I am freakishly pale skin and I also think they're a hugely underrated fashion statement- especially if you can pull off a great color or design!

    Great post!

  2. i LOVE kateee! she has my dream life..
    and personally, i try to stay out of tights, leggings as long a possibly; but in reality, i wear leggings like everyday in the winter(most of the year...)
    but i also love me a cosy pair of tights.


  3. Great post! I am grannyesque as well, can't fight it. Haha congratulations on winning the cape from leandra!


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