31 October 2011

Halloween + Celeb Questions

{It's Halloween, and I did not even come up with a fun costume idea this year.  Work has been crazy lately, and this weekend my life partner and I attended the NigthinGala, an event to support the College of Nursing at UT.  And since I helped put on this event, I did not think it would be appropriate for me to show up in my sequined T. Swift ensemble.  Anywho... pictures to come because even though I was not in costume, I still was looking FAB.

I am looking forward to tonight, because we should have a plethora of trick or treaters in our neighborhood.  And I have a plethora of candy, so I hope that take it all, because goodness knows that my sweet tooth does not need to indulge (too much).  

One thing that I always look forward to on Halloween is to see what the Today Show Anchors will wear.  This year they portrayed the Royal Wedding, Dying!!!!  As you know, I was a tad obsessed with those nuptials, and I loved the reenactment by the Today Show.  

Now, onto the top two celeb questions I am dying to know the answer to:
1. How mad is Jessica Simpson since Kim K. announced her divorce the same day she announced she was preggers (duh J. Simps, we have known for awhile)?  Glad you were not just getting fat.

2.  More importantly, what is Kim going to do with that rock of a ring?  Kim, tweet me, I'll gladly take it.}

{photos via today & hollywood life}

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