18 October 2011

Sophia Grace and Rosie

{I am sure some of you have seen the precious duo comprised of Sophia Grace and Rosie, two young Brits that have become YouTube sensations over night.  The two girls are cousins who put on a rousing edition of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.  So rousing, in fact, they were featured on Ellen.  You must watch all of the videos below.  My life partner and I were literally rolling on the floor with laughter last night while watching them.  

Once you start to watch, you will see that Sophia Grace is all attitude and diva, while Rosie is the sweet sidekick.  I am was def a Sophia Grace when I was little.  And the thing that scares me the most?  I will probably have a child just like her one day.  Hopefully, I will be able to turn her into a YouTube sensation as well.  That way, she can take me to the Academy Awards one day and say "I brought my beautiful mother as my date", we can sip champagne, laugh with other famous people...

Whoa... way to much in the future, I guess I should not reveal all my thoughts to you.  Congratulations, you got a little sneak peek into my brain.  AH Hahahaha!  Anyways, before I start rambling on about how much I would give for a pair of all sequined pants and a full length leopard print faux fur coat, just watch the videos.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.}

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