12 July 2011

Harry Potter...The End

{“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” - Albus Dumbledore

I will admit, I am a HP nerd.  I have read all the books multiple times, seen a few of the movies at midnight, and attended several book release parties.  The story of the boy that lived, that J.K. Rowling first penned when she was homeless, has touched lives around the world.  Confession:  I cried when the seventh book ended.  I might need to bring tissues when I go see the last movie this weekend.  But I guess I should not look at it as the true end... as this story will live on in literary history.  (And I need to ask for the 8 box DVD set for Christmas.)

I have collected a few of my favorite images that have been circling Pinterest  as an homage to the books and movies.  Also, check out the video that highlights each movie and gives a peek into the final movie being released this week.}

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