05 July 2011


{My life partner and I ventured south to Atlanta to celebrate America's birthday.  It was filled with celebs, yummy food and a hot run.  Hot run?  You might be thinking... that does not sound like the best vacay idea.  However, we decided to run the Peachtree Road Race back in December.  It is an annual 10k with around 60,000 participants.  Yes, you and your 60,000 closest friends can burn off some of the BBQ and beer you plan to eat and drink on America's birthday.  It was...HOT, but we finished.  Next year, I know that I need to train more in the heat, instead of on the treadmill while watching Bravo.

We stayed at the ultra swanky W Hotel in Midtown.  Talk.about.hip.  

 Lobby Lights

 Candy Bar in room - I did not indulge as two oreos were around $6.


So hip in fact...celebs were there.  And I am not just referring to myself.  We saw both Tara Reid and Jason Biggs at the W.  After I googled and twitter stalked both of them, I found out that they are in Atlanta filming a new American Pie movie.  We saw Tara twice, and she was looking a little rough... living proof that airbrushing does happen.  Jason was just a passerby sighting in the lobby.  But both times  I did not have my phone to take a picture!  I may just run down to the W this weekend to find them again.

Since we did workout on our trip, we rewarded ourselves with some great meals.  Murphy's, Flying Biscuit Cafe, and Houston's were just a few of the great places we dined.  As you know, I am a sweet lovah, so the Bonzo Cake at Murphy's was my fave dish from the weekend.  It is a cake made up of a fudge brownie, cheesecake, chocolate mousse and whipped cream.  I die.  Literally, one of the best desserts I have ever tasted.  Here's to hoping it was fat free...

Here are some more photos from our trip:

 Kate Spade shoes I am dying for.  I cried the entire Marta ride home from Lenox because they were outside of my shopping budget.

 Awesome coffee table book that I want + need.  This book was in the W lounge.

 Chic floral arrangement at the W.

And...mgb eating a famous flying biscuit.}

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