23 March 2009


Twitter - according to the website answers the question to all of your friends - "What are you doing?" This is a topic that I have been meaning to discuss for awhile, and you may have some differing opinions than mine. I have friends that love it, friends that are very scared. I am caught in the middle. I have been sent an invitation to join, but I am just now starting to accept facebook status updates, so I believe that it may take a little bit longer for me to join this internet phenomena. However, I have done a little research about Twitter.com.
I read an article in New York magazine about the co-founders, two guys in their mid-twenties. They believe that it is the newest way for people to stay in touch, a "micro-blog". You can reach out to your friends and let them know where you are partying, who you are with, if you are running late, and to get advice on what color shirt to buy at the mall.
Chad Fulton, who is a new member in the Twitter community, joined after some friends persuaded him to do so. Chad says about the online community, "Pretty much, the easiest way to stalk someone without a picture of their weekend." I guess that you look at the actual pictures on the facebook after reading one's Tweet (the micro-blog, or post) on Twitter. (This language is more confusing then my abbrevs) Chad continued to tell me that he really does like Twitter, and said I should try it out.

However, I got to thinking more about this website. Would someone really want to know what I am doing throughout the day? I know that I have a blog, but I am not quite sure my class friend from JEM 200 would want to know that I am contemplating HHI or Charleston for the 4th of July. Also, what if I put up where I was dining and drinking this weekend - and someone that I did not want to show up, does show up! Oh goodness, Twitter could be the downfall of one's social life. But, it could also make it easier, so people do know where I will be chilling, and I will be saved one less phone call, thus saving minutes, thus making my bank account happier. It is an internal struggle, and who knows if I will succumb to the Twitter and Tweeting. One thing for sure, I do talk a lot so maybe just sticking with the old fashioned blog is the best thing.

Another thing about Twitter made me think about how busy people are today. No wonder people are constantly updating, they can do it in a quick format without bothering anyone else. And we always want to know what is going on with others, but very rarely want to invest lots of time in communication. I hate it when people say "I am so busy, I just can't keep up with all these different people" or "I can't believe we have not talked in forever, my life is so crazy". Yes, yes, we all have crazy lives, but it is very simple to have a quick phone conversation or another novel idea - e-mail. It drives me crazy when people do not reply to e-mails. Everyone is busy, but an e-mail can take 10 minutes to send and is easier than a longer phone call. And with all the crazy forms of posting about our lives - we should all be more connected than ever. I am hoping that I will now have a full inbox after this post (because I love keeping up with new and old friends!), and for those of you who feel to busy to reply, I know you will be very sad when I don't invite you to my fabulous parties when I'm rich and famous.

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