29 March 2009

QVC and March Madness

So the other day, I was watching QVC and was instantly drawn in. It was just unstoppable. I almost picked up my phone or computer to purchase some great shoes and a pink blush. However, I did manage to stop myself, seeing that I did not need either of those items. But still, I just kept watching, and it was rather entertaining. I think that I could be a great QVC saleswoman. You just talk about how wonderful that colored blouse looks on you or these jeans really make you look like you have long legs. So - QVC, if you are looking for a new, fresh face to sell your items to women across America, you know who to call.

Grey's Anatomy is going to be in a whirlwind until the season finale. Of course Izzie was safe this week - she will not die until the finale (which yes, I will cry). However, I was discussing the outcomes with a reliable source, who believes that she will make it through all of the tough surgeries, and will have complications on a routine procedure. What are your thoughts about Izzie? I just don't know if I will still be able to watch the show, seeing that she is one of my fave characters. Also - finally - after four seasons - Derek and Meredith are in LOVE and hopefully it will all work out.

I am still on the fence about Twitter - like I have said before, I will let you all know if I decide to go over. I have talked to a few others about this website since my last posting, and it is still half and half with those who love it and those who are scared to try it.

March Madness is about to be over, but it is getting to the best teams (or those who have proven themselves in the tournament) in the Final Four. While I will watch the final championship game, even though none of my teams are still in, I am still very excited about my American Idol pool! I wish I could tell all my readers, that yes, I am in the lead. However, America can make some crazy decisions, and the other 36 million who voted don't have the same opinion as I do. I am in the middle of the list, but still have time to pull out the win. Now that we are down to the best of the best in AI, I have to chose who I believe is going to be sent home. Last week, I choose Megan - and was upset when Michael went home. Even though I was not a fan of Michael, I had put him the past two weeks to go home, so I decided to change my luck. I will have to be better on guessing my pick this week. I def am a fan of Danny, Matt, and Lil Rounds - Hey gotta rep the 901!

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