16 March 2009

JT and Hoops

So, it has been a quiet winter, and I had gone into hibernation in my "blog world". Anyways, it's back. No, not panchos in fashion (I do admit, I jumped on that bandwagon in high school and had a pink one) but molliemorganrobinson.blogspot.com. Anyways, many "bloggable" things have happened since I have been away.

"Bloggable" - an experience in my life or the others around me that is worthy enough of making the page.

Anyways, many bloggable things have been occurring in my life on a more regular basis, so I took it as a sign that I should return. Anyways, enough of the blah blah because I know you are excited to hear what is happening in my fabulous life and what fabulous things you should be doing.

I would love to share with you what has happened over the past few months, but these stories are too numerous for one post, and I have decided that I should spread them out over upcoming posts, i.e. stay tuned. The last adventure that I have taken place in was in the ATL. Yes, yes, home of T.I., Usher, the Marta, and One Midtown Kitchen ( a bomb restaurant - go if you are there: http://www.onemidtownkitchen.com/index-home.htm). Anyways, I departed from Memphis on my Airtran flight, which is something that I must elaborate on. Airtran was one of the best flying experiences I have had in a while (and I have been globetrotting a lot recently so I consider myself a knowledgeable traveler). Not only did I find a great rate with their specials, everyone was courteous and I was given a free drink and pretzels. Plus, the seats were roomy, and XM radio was provided. I of course played with my iPhone, but hey, I still thought that was great.
After surviving the Atlanta airport and Marta, I quickly found myself stationed in a seat where I would spend a lot of time over the next four days - the Georgia Dome. I was so lucky to have the chance to spend my time in ATL at the ACC Hoops Championships - and my team - came away victorious. (If you were looking for me, I was easy to spot - I was the one wearing blue). After many shots at the net, lets just say I was ready to take some shots too, just in the liquid form. And I did have some shots, of wine that is. I also recommend trying TWO urban licks - great restaurant where I had a great time. Anyways, the trip proved to be successful because I saw many celebs of the athletic kind. Too bad my boo knew more about them than I did. I literally was a foot from a former NBA baller where all the guys we were with were giddy and I did not know who he was. I guess I understand how guys feel now when they listen to me say I would literally just die if Justin Timberlake walked into the Memphis Botanic Garden. (Side note, he probably will never do that but I did hear talk from the Hort Center that someone might be helping do the plants/grounds for JT's new golf course in Millington. I of course volunteered as an ambassador for the Garden for all the swanky PR events and openings.)

I also had the chance to see Legally Blonde at the Orpheum (thanks JB!) where I saw Elle Woods live onstage. Many of my dreams were fulfilled. The shocker in this one is that Elle can sing and dance while winning her way into Harvard Law. I was very pleased to hear many of my favorite lines from the movie. I recommend this as a light-hearted evening. Guys may not enjoy it as much, the majority of men I saw looked as if they were dragged there by a significant other or just really, really like pink.

So, spring is upon us and while many of my friends are taking spring break trips, I am stuck working. I believe that every office should give a paid spring break along with vacation days...hey one can dream. Anyways, a little fashion talk for a minute. Yes, some warm days have come upon us, but don't break out the white linen yet. And with this warm weather I am reminiscing last year when I was rolling through the ocean with my girlfriends enjoying the last few days of freedom...

... At least I can look forward to the new episodes of Gossip Girl, flip flops very soon, my American Idol pool at work (yes, it's true and yes I paid $10 to enter. And no, we don't have a March Madness bracket to coincide), and dreaming about JT entering the Garden.

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  1. Britt Germ18 March, 2009

    I remember your pancho!!



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