18 March 2009

Spring Love... and of course, Celebs

It's becoming warmer as the days go on and I could not be more excited. I am a warm weather girl (even though I have the palest skin in the world) and would much rather be outside on a patio with good friends enjoying some great apps and a beer. Cold weather is just not hip in my book, it just ruins everything. I think that the reason spring time = love time is because the heavy coats are being shed and more skin is revealed.

So on to a favorite topic of mine: celebs. Everyone has their favorite celebs, but today this blog will have a different approach. Celebs that I dislike and think should not be famous.
1. Jessica Biel - I just think she is terrible because A. she is always at Red Carpet events and has only been in 7th Heaven and B. was on 7th Heaven. She is not even famous, her red carpet Oscar dress was terrible and she somehow has tricked JT into dating her. Bleh.
2. Heidi Montag - If she is famous, why am I not? Though I am a huge fan of The Hills, Speidi is just ridiculous. Maybe this season she will break off her fake marriage and then reunite as besties with Lauren - ahh that would be great to see.
3. Chris Brown - used to love, now on the bad list after hurting RiRi.

I have also read that JT ( I know, I have been talking a lot about him lately but he is my number 1 celeb crush) is developing his own line/brand of tequila. Just like Puffy jumped on the vodka train. I will of course buy some of this in an attempt to become just like JT, but not at all like his terrible lady friend.

Thought I think that Miley Cyrus is a country cutie - I was very sad to see her new trailer at the movies a few weeks ago. When I was anxiously awaiting for "Confessions of a Shopaholic" to come on the screen - the preview of Hannah Montana came one. It shows her being very glam in Hollywood, and then comes "home" to Tennessee. However, Tennessee is portrayed as being in the middle of no where and everyone is a country bumpkin. I was rather saddened by this because I love the state of Tennessee. It's just going to make people in LA think that all of us have three teeth and want to date our second cousin. Oh Miley - just remember - you are from here too. And if you need a publicist, I am available.

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