22 March 2009

Small Screen...Big Entertainment

The newest thing that is hitting the small screen (well at least, in my penthouse) is 30 Rock. I have always watched the show on and off since it first debuted, but now that I am lucky to have DVR, I watch it each week. Tina Fey deserves all the awards that she has received and I just can't get enough of Tracy Morgan, Kenneth, and Jane Krawkowski. If you do not watch it, it is a must see. Especially since it is after one of my other favorites, The Office.

Speaking of the small screen, Grey's Anatomy is OOC. And yes, I still do watch Grey's. Though it did go through a lull in the third season, I believe that it is just as addictive as ever. The biggest thing - SPOILER ALERT - is Izzie's illness. Izzie has always been one of my favorite characters, and it is going to be the craziest ending to a season ever. It is very clear that yes, she is going to die, because her illness is terminal and Perez reported that Hegil wants off the show. George also wants to leave, I wonder what will happen to him... oh the drama of Grey's. I think after this season the show will def be downhill.

The Hills is coming back and looks better than ever, I can't wait. The drama is more intense and I just hope that Heidi and LC become besties again. You must check out the preview here, it will make you want more: http://perezhilton.com/2009-02-23-watch-it-3

Yesterday, my friend and I completed a 5k in the rain. It was very intense - runners were everywhere, water was thrown at us when we passed the mile and a half point, and I now believe that I am ready to run a marathon. I recommend getting out and doing something in the warm weather now that it is almost spring. And take a few hours for some spring cleaning, it will make you have a sunny outlook on your humble abode.

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