08 September 2011

Please Vote Today!

{Shameless plug today, but if you have a few minutes, I would really appreciate if you vote for me in the Lucky Magazine Style Contributor Contest.  (And Please vote TODAY as it is the last day!)  If I win, I get all sorts of FAB things, and I will of course remember all of my loyal supporters.  I wrote an entry on Working Girl Style + Beauty.  You can vote here: http://contribute.luckymag.com/blog/my_go_to_beauty-134/working_girl_style_beauty-550#.Tl50k2J4hos.twitter

Below is my entry, which you can also read on the website.  I know, it is a little cheesy, but fashion is supposed to be fun!}

When I started my development communications job two years ago, I had to adjust to a typical office environment after working at a laid back non profit organization. You may think, what is laid back?  Basically, I could wear a basic white tee and shorts to work.  After a slight culture shock, I knew that I had to keep a little zest in my new work wardrobe.
This look is perfect for my job now.  The splattered color adds a punch to a classic silhouette  And since I love to add a certain flair to outfits (even at work) I pulled out a vintage brown belt and tied it on to accentuate my waist. I always think a brown or black belt is always a great thing to add to any outfit.  Not only does it remind me of a certain 1950s vavavoom, it also is an accessory that makes you look pulled together.  Just throw on a pair of nude pumps, and you are ready for your 9:00 a.m. board meeting.

Having my hair pulled back is the best for my job, since I am always on the go.  Whether it is a meeting with the boss, setting up an event or catching up over lunch with a colleague, I need a look that shows I am together and polished.  Since I have naturally curly locks, I only shampoo every two days.  Between shampoos, I tease my roots then add a little dab of leave-in conditioner to ends.  For this messy updo, I teased my roots, pulled my hair in a loose bun, and then carefully added the bobby pins.  I do have a lot of hair - so if you have thinner hair, I suggest spraying some dry shampoo and extra teasing.  My makeup is natural as well; I used an eye base cream and added a little color to the crease of my eyes.  I accentuated my brows, then added bronzer.  (Bronzer is my BFF, since I have such fair skin.)  I added the bronzer in a “c shape” on my cheeks to my forehead and then dabbed on a light blush.  Three things to tie up this look: colored lip gloss, eyelash curler, and my SPF moisturizing lotion.

After sending my last email, I love to head to head to dinner with my husband or girlfriends.  Where I live, you dress up for dinner with a southern flair. 
“Wedges!” I scream in delight when my husband asks what I have on my feet.  These shoes make my short legs longer and add dressiness for dinner dates.  This pink and orange shift is dressed up with my shoes, but can be paired with flats for a more causal look.

I let my hair down when it is time to celebrate.  I toss all but two bobby pins in my wallet, run my fingers through my curls (sometimes I add a small dab of leave in conditioner), pull back my shorter layers in the front with the extra bobby pins…voila, I am done!  I still like to look naturally glamorous with my makeup, so I add a tad more bronzer and blush, darker crimson lip color and darken up the creases in my eyes.  Wiggle that mascara wand while you are adding a few extra coats, then spritz a flowered musky scent… take a deep breath and admire at your final look.  If you think you added too much, take a cotton ball and wipe off the extra product, too little and you can always build onto what is in front of you.  Grab your favorite jewelry (I am loving these chandelier earrings), clutch and you are ready to go.  Go enjoy that sushi and wine special, you look fabulous.

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