17 June 2011

Happy Pinning via Pinterest

{I don't believe that I have been this obsessed with a website since the origin of Facebook.  Pinterest is a digital bulletin board where you can store your favorite links from around the web in one place.  You can name the boards as you wish (of course, I have one named all things sequins and another named celeb style) and then you "pin" images that will link back to your favorite websites.  I really like it because you can find all sorts of inspiration for party planning, wardrobe decisions or vacation spots.  

So, put down everything you are doing (unless you want to read more of this blog, in which case, read away), because you must check out this site now.  Let me know if you want an invite, because this site is just for VIP.
Warning: Many hours can be spent "pinning" away, but I look at it through the fact that I am adding inspiration to my life. 

Some of my favorite images I have pinned today:}

{photos via pinterest}

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