03 June 2009

Tweet Tweet

So, yes, even after blogging about how much I was protesting this website, I have joined twitter. And deep breath, yes, I do enjoy it. At first I thought it was silly, but then I got to thinking, who doesn't want to know what I am doing at every minute of everyday? So - check it out:

One person that I love who I am following - the one and only Perez Hilton. My goal for the month of June is to become someone that Perez follows - got it? Well I am also planning on getting super toned Michelle Obama esque arms, but wanted a real goal, so Perez - add me. I am not quite sure though if he will though, seeing that he never e-mailed me back when I told him I was starting a blog to be just like him.

The other day I was at Italian Fest in Memphis, where Ellison and I ate four dollar slices of pizza and drank three dollar cokes and I came to this wonderful conclusion: I believe that couples look like one another. And if they don't, then they will probably break up. I came to this conclusion after I have closely observed couples in public and then also googled some. For example, I saw this couple sitting very closely to me at the Italian Fest: they both were chain smoking Marlboro Reds, had matching tattoos, cut off jean shorts, two kids, and looked so happy in love. Then right across the table to the other side, I saw a couple in their mid-forties, eating some pizza and sipping on wine, looking very preppy. I am including pictures as fact for this conclusion. (Some pictures also show where couples do NOT go together...sorry for your fate.)

This cougar and her boo def do not go together - She is a little TOO old, and plus, he's not even listening.

Together forever - look closely - she is smoking a cig and he has a cold one, so we both know they like to party. And she is smoking the cig with a bun in the oven and they already have a house. Match made in heaven.

Ummm - we all know how this turned out. One beautiful+one Not = break up. Lindsay - go back to your Mean Girls day. It was classic.

And here - classic: Two beautiful = a power couple. Viva Brad and Angie!

Taylor Swift -can I please have a ticket to your Fearless tour? Why did you not come to Memphis? I think that we would be best friends. I loved your Dateline special, and would love to work for you - I am a great Personal Assistant. Side note, I do not have previous work as an assistant, but know I am qualified. (I am going to post this on her twitter page - because of course, I am def a follower.)

Download: Dancing Shoes by Gavin Degraw
Read: My Sister's Keeper
Buy: Neutrogena Sunscreen, SPF 30


  1. welcome to Twitter!

  2. Molly...love the blog. You failed to mention in picture number 2 how she is also pregnant. classic!

  3. So you are saying that I need to find someone beautiful and awesome? sweet.


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