04 June 2009

Meant to be on a Magazine Cover

My iPhone is simply amazing. The only downfall is that it needs to be charged every night and if I happen to be stranded somewhere, but phone will die. But no need to fear, I now own three chargers so I am always reachable. FYI: If you try to reach me and my phone is off I am either on an airplane, have been kidnapped, or I just am really ignoring you.

Any who, reason #89 I am in love with my phone: the app iSuperstar. It has been a dream since I could walk around the supermarket and touch the faces of celebs on People, that one day, my face would grace the cover. Well, seeing that they still have not done an article on an up and coming blogger (HELLO - Call me! I will NOT ignore you!) I had to come up with a way to satisfy this dream temporarily. Below are the pictures that will grace the covers one day, and the stories that will accompany them:

This cover is what was published when people found out I had a boo. I know, hearts were broken, but my PR person told me I had to do it. It has since decreased some fan mail, but I'm ok with it.

This is my fave
cover. Leaving a party, don't
want the flashing lights to see
us heading for Krystal's.

Our next life calling...ESP. We actually just opened a new business - palm reading and tarot cards.

This is when my
publicist got mad at
me for the bottle, but I told her that
Rocky Top makes me dance.

Here is my new fave celeb couple: Amanda Seyfred and Dominic Cooper. they will of course last, because a. they are good looking, b. they both can sing (Hello - see Mamma Mia) and c. she was in Mean Girls, d. he was in the PBS special of Sense and Sensibility (if you don't' know what the references B and D mean - get cultured).
Well TGIF - and let me know if you want to be on the cover, I will send you one and you will be instantly famous.

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