30 June 2009

Sushi = Artsy and The Saint

So Friday night I ventured out on an artsy experience. I love artsy experiences. I went to an opening for Janna's brother, Daniel Tacker Originals. Check out the website - he is going to be famous. We had a great time drinking wine, admiring the art work, eating dips and sushi on the hot Memphis night. I mean, you have to eat sushi whenever you do something artsy. It makes your feel like you are in the moment, and if we had switched to pizza and beer, our night would have been ruined. Basically, eating pizza and beer would make us look as if we had just come from doing donuts in a 4x4. While I am not judging those who do donuts in a 4x4(I have done this on backroads in rural Tennessee), it's just that the sushi added to the experience. Def check out the Bluefin in Memphis - wonderful experience.

As we all know, last week was not a good week to be a celeb. As you are reading, take a moment to remember you favorite moments of Ed, Farrah, Michael and Billy.

My favorite memory of Michael is not really something that he did - but a time when I was lucky enough to be chosen to play him in my high school senior skit. I had a chance to lead some dancers in Thriller - while I got to wear a hat and one white glove. If E! had seen this, I would def have been a co-host of The Daily 10 by now. What about you - did you ever dress up at Michael? I wish I could post a picture - but now worries - it is published for all to see. Well, basically all to see if you have a copy of the 2004 Saint Yearbook. However, if you truly want to see this magical memory, send me a comment, and I will arrange a meeting for us to look at that wonderful picture and then will also show you through my entire senior yearbook.
Speaking of yearbooks - how fun were those? I was really sad that UT did not have a yearbook that was as big of a deal as other schools around the south. I remember the day when they arrived, and everyone clamored to get one from the school cafeteria to see how many pages they made, AND if they actually looked decent in any of the pictures. I actually was lucky enough to be VIP for the latter years of my high school experience. If you are asking how, you are clearly mistaken on who I am - of course I was VIP. The reason being: I was a proud member of The Saint Yearbook staff for two years. Through this experience I have many fond memories, such as figuring how to get low profile people in at least 3 pages (low profile - the weird kid who did not talk to you, even during your chemistry lab), photo shoots around the Collierville Town Square, watching Steel Magnolias after a deadline and of course, the infamous yearbook camp. I know, you are probably thinking - yearbook camp is not VIP. My motto - sometimes you have got to go through the un-VIP events to make it to the real ones. And we actually learned a little too there...
Also - check out my The Germany's Blog: http://www.jgbgthegoodlife.blogspot.com/
They have just moved to Aurora, Illinois (south of Chicago) to work for K-Life. Britt and Josh are great friends, and the blog is wondrful.
Anyways, enough talk of memory lane. Tonight I am going to drink a glass of wine and then clean something with Oxi-Clean to remember all of our famous friends.

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