25 June 2009

LC, Nascar, Montgomery

Amidst the sweltering heat of the Memphis sun, I ventured out after work for a celebrity sighting. Yes, Lauren Conrad (LC) from the wildly popular show, The Hills, was in the 901 yesterday. If you don't know who she is, you obviously have not been reading my blog. (May I suggest that you take a scroll through the archives?)

LC has a new book out, but I don't even know the name because I would rather spend that $20 on make-up or some wine. So she was hitting the south to give fans a taste of the LA life while signing copies. However, this book signing was very different than expected. As I drove up to Davis-Kidd, I was bombarded by girls younger than me all dressed as if they wanted to go to high school in Laguna Beach. This was when I first thought - I need a cold glass of chardonnay. When I met up with my friend Alicia, we both decided that we needed to play it incognito, not let anyone there recognize us. (But wait, we are in Memphis, and each saw a handful of people we knew...) Our friend Elizabeth works for a magazine that sponsored the signing. She gave us the scoop that LC thought it was entirely too hot in Memphis, loved our cute accents and was eating dinner later at Spindini.

So after coming out fifteen minutes later than scheduled -hello you are not Brad and Angie - LC graced Memphis with her presence. I am not going to lie, she did look very pretty, had long gorgeous hair (def extensions) and was tiny. So after a few minutes of seeing her and high school girls screaming in my ear, I ran out of Davis-Kidd and straight to the bar at Old Venice. I will admit, I was excited to see a glimpse of The Hills star, but I still wish that Lo had been there - at least I could have given her the Kappa handshake.
A few weeks ago, I made a journey that I never thought I would make: I journeyed to the Nashville Speedway for a Nascar race. Let me tell you, it was like I had stepped into the world of Ricky Bobby. I of course cheered for Carl Edwards (only because my friend Cory told me to), because I was wearing his jersey. Though Carl lost, I thoroughly enjoyed my time by entertaining myself with the following activities:

- text messaging Jenny when she was sitting next to me
-spotting 5 mullets in a span of 2 minutes
And my favorite:
-obtaining VIP status because of my jersey, than having Chad convince everyone in the elevator I was Taylor Swift. It worked for half a second because of my blonde curly hair, but then as the locals whipped around to see, they just saw me. However, that half a second when people thought I was Taylor was the best time of the entire race.

Last weekend, I woke up to find myself in Montgomery, Alabama. Why, you may ask? Well, yes, it is the capital of Alabama and my hotel had a rooftop pool. But the real reason I was in the state was to celebrate the nuptials of Anna and Stephen. It was truly a magical weekend of dancing, great food, and good times. And though I really wanted to request Rocky Top from the band, I knew that all of the Roll Tide Roller's would have kicked me out. So I was content to dancing to the ultimate wedding favorite: Shout!

Stay tuned for more adventures... this weekend I am going to a VIP art show where I just have a feeling that I am going to run into someone famous. If not, then you can find me at Spindini asking my server to bring me whatever LC had.

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  1. Speaking of that rooftop pool, I still cannot believe that we were at the SAME hotel on the SAME day in Montgomery and didn't even know it! If only you had walked out by the pool...I would have spotted you a mile away!


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