11 January 2012

Rockin' Pajamas

{I admit - I am a pajama lover.  I love all things about sleepwear.  Santa brought me an awesome new set that I have been wearing faithfully.  I don't know what it is - I have always loved matching sleepwear since I was young.  I don't look like the VS models who wear these outfits, but nonetheless I feel like one.  And I still get to eat brownies when I want.  That is what really matters.   

Another thing I need to admit - I really like Kourtney Kardashian.  Yes, I know that giving into the K Frenzy really only puts more money in their bank accounts, but everyone has got to have a vice, right?  Anyways, I have been keeping up with Kourt by watching her new show on E!.  And guess what?  About 50% of the time she is rocking PAJAMAS!!!!!  I mean, I wish I was a gazillionaire who could just prance around in Louis Vuitton nightgowns with full make up on! (Kourt, if you are reading this, please message me your red lipstick color!)  Wait, that is not a dream of yours?  Well anyways... here are some of my favorite pajama picks (you do want to look cute while you are braving the winter cold, right?)}

 {photos via VS and pinterest}

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