18 January 2012

Francis Frames

{I am very lucky to have such a good group of girlfriends from high school.  Though now we live all across the country, we still keep up with one another and have been there for exciting times (weddings, babies) and hard times (break-ups, losing jobs).  My friend Ellison puts it perfectly "There is just something about our group, God has truly blessed us!" 

Well, one of my friends (and fellow co-yearbook editor), Emily, is having a beautiful baby girl, Lucy Jean, in just a few short weeks.  Though I was not able to make it to her shower (this is when I hate living far away from some of these girls) I was able to do the invitations:

Aren't they fun?  I had SUCH a blast doing them. (I blurred the personal information for privacy.)  And I also was SO LUCKY to receive a handmade gift from the future mom.  Emily and her husband made this frame for me as a hostess gift:

You are in love, right?  I sure am!  She took wood, painted it, added some fabric flowers, a clip, paint and a picture.  I told her that she needs to start a business (as if she is not busy enough!) because those things would sell like hotcakes!!!  Now, I don't know if she is taking orders, but if you want more information, leave me a comment with your contact information and I will be in contact with the artist.  I just had to share this frame - what talent this couple has!  

 Also - Em, if you use the name Francis Frames, I would like a little credit with helping come up with the name!} 

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