16 March 2011

{Thank goodness Glee was on par last night.  Though I am still partial to season one's regional performance, I really did enjoy the original songs and the fact that (SPOILER ALERT!) New Directions actually won first place.}

{Speaking of celebs - how is it that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes child Suri is better dressed than me?  She has faux fur, tons of Uggs, an Armani Puffer Coat, and the entire new spring line from J.Crew.  Hellloooo Tom and Katie, why don't you let me be her nanny, and then give me the same clothes allowance?  I am a certified Red Cross babysitter.}

{Oh, and JT is finally single again!  Amen!  I am so glad he dumped that C-List celeb.  Rumor has it that he has been flirting via text messaging with Mila Kunis.  And I def endorse this pair, so hot right now.  Though JT, if it does not work out, you can always text me.}

{Other than that, life is pretty fab.  I am so ready for spring weather so I can sit outside and drink lots of wine with my friends and can wear all my spring clothes.  I will entertain with this bar above, which I am dying to purchase.  Now I am wondering if I can call my old stomping ground Cool Beans to see if they will loan me a bartender...}

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