13 December 2011

New things I am rocking....

{Some new things that I have been rocking lately:

1. My Peach Pearl bracelet.  LOVE this new piece of jewelry, and what is even cooler?  I met the designers.  Vincent and Michelle came to Bennett Galleries and put on an excellent trunk show.  Their work includes pearls, leather, pave diamonds, silver, and more.  Be sure to check them out: http://peachpearl.com.  I hope that I will get to do a longer post on these two amazing people and the jewelry line!

2.  White beret - a la the styles of Rachel Zoe, Taylor Swift, and Madeline.  Madeline??  Remember, the star of the children's books?  She was always my favorite, getting into mannered mischief while still being delightful.

  Before I digress... I truly love this hat.  It is great for covering up bad hair days... and covering up my need to be colored roots...

BUT I am actually heading to the salon tonight to get some color on those roots.  I will reveal what color I choose in my next blog... really excited to tell you.  Until then... please enjoy this video.  Yes, I know it is so 90's, but the song is a classic in my book.}

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