16 August 2011

Suri Cruise - Best New Blogger

{As you know, I have a fascination with celebs.  And I love me some Suri Cruise.  Not only did she trot around NYC in high heels at the age of two, she is always pictured wearing fabulous designers that she probably can't even pronounce.    

"Suri" has a new blog titled Suri's Burn Book.  It.is.legit.the.best.new.blog.out.there.  Suri writes from the point of view on her fabulousness (I hear ya sister!) and how other celeb children are just not up to par with her lifestyle.  Sometimes her parents even get burned too.  Few celebs remain unscathed, but she really digs those claws into Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and the Afleck girls.  Celeb lovers - if you want a fall out your seat read, add this blog to your google reader.  Oh, of course, you should add mine too.} 

{photos via pinterest}

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